A quick glance at the recent crypto market

TOTAL $254.7 B
Fav Name %1h %24h %7d Price ($) Market Cap 24h Vol
Bitcoin 0 3 7 9297.1 169.1 B 32.4 B
Ethereum 0 2 5 176.1 19.3 B 11.3 B
XRP -1 0 0 0.236 10.3 B 1.9 B
Bitcoin Cash -1 3 10 379.7 6.9 B 4.1 B
Bitcoin SV -1 -3 -7 285.6 5.2 B 3.0 B
Tether 0 0 0 1.00 4.7 B 42.7 B
Litecoin -1 1 3 59.8 3.8 B 4.1 B
EOS -1 1 10 4.01 3.8 B 3.6 B
Binance Coin 0 1 1 18.0 2.8 B 235.4 M
Cardano -1 9 21 0.055 1.4 B 220.6 M
Ethereum Classic -2 9 31 12.2 1.4 B 4.3 B
TRON -1 2 9 0.019 1.2 B 1.5 B
Monero 0 4 6 68.8 1.2 B 66.0 M
Stellar -2 -2 -5 0.059 1.2 B 423.0 M
Tezos -1 3 0 1.57 1.1 B 53.3 M
Dash -1 1 7 116.2 1.1 B 1.1 B
Chainlink -1 2 2 2.70 943.6 M 147.5 M
UNUS SED LEO 0 0 1 0.908 907.5 M 9.2 M
Cosmos 0 -3 -5 4.39 837.1 M 200.0 M
Neo -1 2 1 11.4 800.8 M 484.9 M
IOTA 0 8 16 0.287 796.7 M 28.9 M
Huobi Token 0 4 3 3.33 788.6 M 224.1 M
HedgeTrade 5 0 5 2.61 753.2 M 850.0 K
Crypto.com Coin -1 1 7 0.052 687.7 M 7.6 M
Maker 0 4 11 529.5 523.4 M 4.3 M
Zcash 0 6 13 59.1 516.5 M 427.3 M
Ontology 1 6 9 0.727 463.0 M 140.3 M
USD Coin 0 0 2 1.02 449.8 M 471.2 M
NEM 0 0 2 0.041 368.5 M 11.4 M
VeChain -1 -2 -4 0.006 315.9 M 116.3 M
Basic Attention Token 0 0 1 0.221 314.2 M 65.5 M
Dogecoin 0 1 3 0.002 297.9 M 86.7 M
FTX Token 0 -1 2 2.36 228.7 M 11.2 M
Paxos Standard 0 0 0 1.01 218.6 M 415.9 M
Decred -2 1 1 18.9 204.4 M 104.7 M
Bitcoin Gold -2 -1 7 11.5 202.1 M 45.7 M
Qtum 0 2 5 2.07 199.6 M 387.2 M
Synthetix Network Token 0 -9 -5 1.08 173.6 M 336.9 K
Augur -1 -3 1 14.2 156.1 M 27.6 M
Ravencoin -1 0 0 0.027 144.2 M 6.7 M
0x 0 -1 -5 0.229 143.7 M 18.6 M
TrueUSD 0 0 0 1.01 141.2 M 787.9 M
Molecular Future 0 0 -7 1.57 134.1 M 17.4 M
Swipe -1 0 20 2.00 131.0 M 21.1 M
Algorand 0 0 -2 0.241 130.7 M 44.2 M
ZB Token 1 12 17 0.271 125.7 M 62.3 M
OKB -1 4 7 3.12 124.8 M 110.0 M
OmiseGO 0 3 2 0.836 117.3 M 60.9 M
Bitcoin Diamond -1 -2 3 0.612 114.1 M 11.9 M
Holo 1 4 0 0.001 109.5 M 10.7 M
Lisk -1 11 22 0.878 106.8 M 3.2 M
Multi-collateral DAI 0 -1 0 0.998 104.2 M 17.2 M
ICON -3 8 28 0.196 101.4 M 19.0 M
Nano 0 2 2 0.707 94.3 M 5.7 M
KuCoin Shares 0 6 10 1.14 94.2 M 9.3 M
Horizen 1 7 8 11.3 93.9 M 2.0 M
THETA 0 -2 -10 0.104 90.5 M 4.9 M
Waves 0 2 3 0.884 89.3 M 82.1 M
Bytom 0 2 11 0.087 87.4 M 11.5 M
MonaCoin -1 10 8 1.31 86.3 M 12.9 M
Nervos Network -4 4 18 0.007 86.0 M 5.7 M
DigiByte -1 2 0 0.007 84.2 M 1.0 M
Nexo 9 20 40 0.146 81.8 M 13.8 M
MCO 0 4 6 5.04 79.6 M 26.3 M
BitTorrent -1 1 -1 0.000 78.3 M 76.4 M
Centrality 0 -3 29 0.072 77.3 M 82.7 K
Seele 0 -2 -7 0.109 76.3 M 31.3 M
Komodo -1 5 -15 0.620 73.2 M 2.5 M
Siacoin 0 9 10 0.002 72.4 M 2.1 M
Enjin Coin 0 2 17 0.089 71.0 M 5.7 M
IOST 0 0 5 0.006 68.3 M 30.7 M
HyperCash 0 1 7 1.53 68.1 M 23.0 M
V Systems 0 3 10 0.035 66.2 M 2.4 M
DigixDAO 0 2 5 32.0 64.0 M 815.0 K
Zcoin 8 28 30 6.75 63.1 M 14.0 M
Bytecoin 19 17 16 0.000 62.9 M 20.4 K
DxChain Token -1 -2 -5 0.001 59.9 M 1.3 M
Verge 0 0 -2 0.004 59.6 M 3.3 M
Steem 0 -2 -3 0.165 59.0 M 1.2 M
ABBC Coin 9 9 0 0.104 57.5 M 43.6 M
Quant 0 14 37 4.74 57.3 M 2.3 M
BitShares 0 4 4 0.020 55.4 M 2.2 M
Zilliqa 0 8 8 0.006 54.7 M 11.6 M
Terra 0 1 -2 0.189 54.3 M 5.2 M
KickToken 0 17 44 0.000 52.7 M 45.7 K
Aeternity 0 2 2 0.172 51.7 M 13.3 M
MaidSafeCoin 0 5 21 0.110 50.0 M 320.5 K
Kyber Network -1 -3 5 0.276 48.0 M 5.1 M
RIF Token -1 0 6 0.084 47.2 M 6.2 M
Energi 2 4 6 1.85 47.0 M 480.1 K
iExec RLC -2 5 14 0.572 45.8 M 1.6 M
Ardor -1 1 -1 0.044 44.2 M 2.0 M
Electroneum 0 5 15 0.004 43.5 M 121.6 K
Matic Network 0 1 0 0.017 43.4 M 19.0 M
Yap Stone -1 -3 4 0.280 42.0 M 9.0 M
BlockStamp 0 32 65 1.54 40.4 M 13.8 K
Crypterium -1 -7 -5 0.389 38.8 M 279.2 K
Golem 0 -1 -7 0.039 38.3 M 2.1 M
Status -1 0 1 0.011 38.1 M 12.7 M
Aidos Kuneen -2 6 25 1.52 37.9 M 5.1 M


Zcoin : 28%Nexo : 20%T.OS : 19%MargiX : 18%Syscoin : 15%Quant : 14%
Silverway : -36%Civic : -29%Everipedia : -15%Gifto : -14%Unibright : -9%Sentinel Protocol : -9%


1/29/2020 3:00:07 PMU  The Swiss municipality of Zermatt becomes the latest region whose citizens can now pay for local taxes with Bitcoin. Credit Suisse Continues to Drive BTC Adoption Switzerland has been crypto and blockchain-friendly country for years now, and it still... Click to read

1/29/2020 2:55:51 PMU  The La Jolla, Calif.-based bank, which went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol SI in November, released its earnings report before market open on Wednesday.... Click to read

1/29/2020 2:05:00 PMU  Binance US CEO Catherine Coley joins The Breakdown to discuss efforts to lower crypto's barriers to entry.... Click to read

1/29/2020 2:00:53 PMU  Binance US has joined other major exchanges in the staking game, adding staking rewards for cryptocurrencies algorand (ALGO) and cosmos (ATOM).... Click to read

1/29/2020 2:00:03 PMU  Former Bakkt CEO, Kelly Loeffler, may have to fight once again for her seat on the US senate as Rep. Doug Collins prepares to run. If she loses, it will undoubtedly deal a huge blow to the US crypto community. Loeffler Prepares to Defend Georgia Sena... Click to read

1/29/2020 1:59:00 PMU  Holders of Paris Saint-Germain’s newly launched fan token will first vote on an inspirational message for the captain’s armband... Click to read

1/29/2020 1:49:47 PMU  A company that provides payment services for cryptocurrency companies like Coinbase, Bitstamp and Galaxy Digital has been awarded a license by the U.K.'s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).... Click to read

1/29/2020 1:20:00 PMU  The share of total incoming cryptocurrency transactions on darknet markets has doubled for the first time since 2015, according to Chainalysis... Click to read

1/29/2020 1:00:02 PMU  The year-to-date gains of Bitcoin (BTC) and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) are both tied right now at 32% (at time of writing). Curiously, this stock has been behaving quite similar to the crypto markets. Bitcoin Still More Volatile, Shows Potential for Bigger ... Click to read

1/29/2020 12:58:00 PMU  GBTC has beaten the likes of Microsoft and Alibaba in terms of equity holdings at Charles Schwab... Click to read

1/29/2020 12:30:00 PMU  French prosecutors have charged Vinnik on counts of extortion, aggravated money laundering, conspiracy and more.... Click to read

1/29/2020 12:14:00 PMU  Japanese consulting firm Nomura Research Institute and crypto company Intelligence Unit launched a tradable crypto index... Click to read

1/29/2020 12:00:07 PMU  Retired UFC fighter Ben Askren, who is known for supporting several cryptocurrencies in the last few years, recently stated that he thinks XRP is a scam. UFC fighter bashes XRP, calls it a ‘scam’ XRP, currently the third-largest cryptocurrency in the... Click to read

1/29/2020 11:33:00 AMU  The Swiss municipality of Zermatt is now the second city in Switzerland where taxpayers are officially allowed to pay their dues in Bitcoin... Click to read

1/29/2020 11:30:54 AMU  Bitcoin is eyeing its best January performance in seven years after crossing the all-important 200-day average hurdle overnight.... Click to read

1/29/2020 11:30:22 AMU  India’s National Strategy on Blockchain has been published. It recommends, among other things, for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to issue a central bank digital currency. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology tasked the National In... Click to read

1/29/2020 11:02:29 AMU  In what's being called a first for Switzerland, a company has been allowed to incorporate for an IPO offering of tokenized shares on a blockchain.... Click to read

1/29/2020 11:00:47 AMU  A Bosninan immigrant living in Tulali, Washington has been sentenced to seven years in federal prison for receiving Bitcoin in return for illegally modified guns and gun parts. Authorities assert that Hany Veletanlic, 36, sent the weapons to violent ... Click to read

1/29/2020 10:10:00 AMU  Swiss blockchain firm Overture will launch a full-compliant IPO and offer its ordinary class-A shares natively on the Ethereum blockchain... Click to read

1/29/2020 9:54:00 AMU  When bad press surrounding the scam started circulating, Onecoin used fake positive reviews TrustPilot and Quora to try to protect its public image... Click to read

1/29/2020 9:51:00 AMU  Barely more than a month after launch, no one has has been trading Bitcoin options contracts on ICE’s digital asset platform Bakkt for eleven days... Click to read

1/29/2020 9:17:59 AMU  The OneCoin cryptocurrency project – accused by authorities of being a Ponzi scheme – may have attempted to counter negative news by using "inauthentic" accounts to place favorable reviews on TrustPilot and Quora, according to new research.... Click to read

1/29/2020 9:06:00 AMU  Bitcoin trading fundamentals are there, but the good times may have come too fast, one indicator warns... Click to read

1/29/2020 8:00:36 AMU  Crypto markets have been on fire this week and another $10 billion has just been pumped in. Crypto pundit John McAfee is back bashing bitcoin as some top altcoins make double digit gains. McAfee on Bitcoin Warpath Digital warlord John McAfee has been... Click to read

1/29/2020 7:25:16 AMU  A new report from Deutsche Bank Research, Digital Currencies: the Ultimate Hard Power Tool, predicts that cash payments will remain for decades, but the emergence of digital payments “will lead to the death of the plastic card.” The report, which is ... Click to read

1/29/2020 5:30:49 AMU  Just a week after the Reserve Bank of India confirmed legal status for crypto currency, a draft national strategy on blockchain has called for an official digital rupee. India to Advance in Blockchain Tech According to reports, the National Institute... Click to read

1/29/2020 4:11:05 AMU  Bitcoin has made another sustained move higher today tapping a high not seen for almost three months. From here there is a very short ride to $10,000 again but will it get there this week? Bitcoin Adds Another 5% For the fourth day this week bitcoin ... Click to read

1/29/2020 2:35:00 AMU  #Bitcoin price action continues to stun investors as the digital asset has already rallied 15% this week... Click to read

1/29/2020 1:20:51 AMU  The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced the commencement of the city-state’s new Payment Services Act. The law mandates the implementation of a licensing regime that applies to payment providers, exchanges and other platforms dealing ... Click to read

1/29/2020 1:00:36 AMU  Bitcoin has risen above a key area of resistance to reach its highest point in nearly 3 months.... Click to read

1/29/2020 12:50:00 AMU  Buying the currency that gained most in price today will lead to a greater cumulative return than buying the dip for top-20 cryptocurrencies... Click to read

1/29/2020 12:47:34 AMU  Former acting CFTC Chairman and LedgerX board member Mark Wetjen is the new CEO at Miami International Futures Exchange, where he will build out its crypto asset and derivatives products.... Click to read

1/29/2020 12:31:57 AMU  ICON (#ICONProject), the South Korean blockchain startup, is one of the few blockchain companies that has risen from the ashes of the crypto bubble of 2018. It has demonstrated a strong commitment to leading the charge towards realizing a blockchain-... Click to read

1/29/2020 12:00:15 AMU  Paris St. Germain Football Club has just launched a crypto-token that allows fans to vote on a number of different aspects of the football club. The tokens will be available in a Pokemon Go style app, called Socios, and give fans a direct voice in cl... Click to read

1/28/2020 11:38:00 PMU  Cardano reveals the formal model of its smart contracts, but mainnet release date remains uncertain... Click to read

1/28/2020 11:12:34 PMU  The US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has requested the deposition of a representative from Kik, the former messaging app that now focuses on cryptocurrency, in its longstanding wrangle, which claims that the Canadian company violated securitie... Click to read

1/28/2020 10:25:05 PMU  Metropolitan Commercial Bank’s deposits from crypto firms have steadily declined, a sign of heightened competition in a field where the bank was once one of the only games in town.... Click to read

1/28/2020 10:24:03 PMU  The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and tokens have become a mainstay within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. SLP tokens have gathered traction as they are supported by multiple noncustodial wallets and a slew of tokens gained real-world value after being li... Click to read

1/28/2020 10:23:00 PMU  Montana-based crypto mine CryptoWatt is running once again after significant downtime associated with its previous owner, an alleged fraudster... Click to read

1/28/2020 9:51:35 PMU  Miller Thomson is doubling down on its request that the RCMP exhume Quadriga founder Gerald Cotten's body by publicly requesting an update from Canadian MP Bill Blair, who oversees the agency.... Click to read

1/28/2020 9:44:00 PMU  Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com backs down from proposed mining tax for BCH... Click to read

1/28/2020 9:00:33 PMU  A former senior official with the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) believes the nation should join a global conversation about regulating stablecoins, with a particular focus on the Libra stablecoin.... Click to read

1/28/2020 8:00:00 PMU  When markets get hot, new FUD emerges. @nlw looks at three categories of FUD most likely to come up in the next bull market.... Click to read

1/28/2020 7:05:56 PMU  This spring, three of the largest crypto networks, BTC, BCH, and BSV, will undergo their halvings around the same time for the first time in history. During the last halving in 2016, only one network existed, but now three protocols share the same co... Click to read

1/28/2020 7:00:00 PMU  Finnish LocalBitcoins silently suspends user accounts in multiple countries, reportedly citing an “enhanced due diligence process” initiated by the EU’s 5AMLD... Click to read

1/28/2020 6:52:00 PMU  Not just Bitcoin — altcoin cryptocurrencies break above their long-term downtrends... Click to read

1/28/2020 6:51:00 PMU  Standard Chartered has invested in Contour, the recently-rebranded Voltron blockchain trade finance platform digitizing letters of credit for financial institutions.... Click to read

1/28/2020 6:27:53 PMU  VANCOUVER , Jan. 27, 2020 /CNW/ – LiteLink Technologies Inc. (“LiteLink”) (CSE:LLT)(OTC:LLNKF)(FRA:C0B), a key player in logistics platforms and payment solutions, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary uBUCK Technologies SEZC (“uBUCK”) has close... Click to read

1/28/2020 6:18:44 PMU  VANCOUVER , Jan. 27, 2020 /CNW/ – LiteLink Technologies Inc. (“LiteLink”) (CSE:LLT)(OTC:LLNKF)(FRA:C0B), a key player in logistics platforms and payment solutions, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary uBUCK Technologies SEZC (“uBUCK”) has close... Click to read

1/28/2020 6:17:14 PMU  Back in 2019, Bitcoin had been in the middle of a massive rally at the beginning of the year, and it seems that there might a repeat this year. In a new development that should come as a major boost to BTC investors, the cryptocurrency surged past $9... Click to read

: Oldest cryptocurrency. Not scalable but being improved by off-chain projects like the Lightning Network. Due to its widespread use, it can be seen as the reserve currency of the crypto world.
: Decentralized operating system featuring smart contract functionality. It's the infrastructure which many tokens are built on. A token is a virtual unit of value used for crowdfunding a project and using its products.
: A fork of Bitcoin with upgraded consensus rules and increased block size from 1-2MB to 8MB that allows it to grow and scale. Unlike Bitcoin, SegWit isn't supported.
: Born from the Bitcoin Cash protocol, its creators claim it is a return to original Bitcoin protocol values. SV means Satoshi Vision.
: A token claimed to be backed by one dollar for each, held in reserve by Tether Limited. Exchanges use it instead of dollar to take advantage of high speed without resorting to slow bank wires.
: Lightweight version of Bitcoin with faster confirmation and different mining algorithm. It can be even faster with the Lightning Network because just like Bitcoin it supports the SegWit transaction format.
: Smart contract platform which they claim can conduct millions of transactions per second without fees. CTO is Dan Larimer who invented dPoS and has a role in building Bitshares and Steemit
: Native currency of Binance chain which can be used at Binance Exchange or Binance DEX to reduce trading fees. Binance means binary finance
: Smart contract platform built with a scientific point of view led by Charles Hoskinson, former co-founder of BitShares and Ethereum. Its currency unit is called Ada
: Ethereum was splitted in two after the 'DAO hack'. Ethereum Classic is one of those two, uncensored and updated with fixed-cap monetary policy.
: With Tron, content creators will be able to get paid for their content without a middleman. Removing the need for the structures like GooglePlay Store or Apple Store
: Forked from Bytecoin, Monero focuses on privacy and decentralization by obscuring sender, recipient and amount of every transaction made
: Updated version of the Ripple protocol with a new consensus algorithm, based on entirely new code. Founded by Jed McCaleb (creator of eDonkey) and Joyce Kim.
: Coin with smart contracts platform which is automatically governed by voting among its members. It started with an ICO of $232 million but its progress was delayed because of its founders' disputes and SEC.
: Self-governing and self-funding ecosystem with a cryptocurrency which has InstantSend and PrivateSend features
: Smart contracts need oracles to connect to real world data. The ChainLink network provides oracles in a decentralized way to be more reliable
: Known as 'Chinese Ethereum', Neo is a smart contract platform which uses 'delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance' method for consensus.
: Instead of a blockchain, IOTA stores transactions in a Directed Acyclic Graph structure called a Tangle. Designed to be used for IoT, there are no miners and no fees on IOTA
: Maker token is used to make the price of another coin, DAI, constantly very close to $1. A system called Collateralized Debt Positions is used for this.
: Public blockchain with privacy features. Zero-knowledge proofs allow transactions to be verified without revealing the sender, receiver or transaction amount. It allows unhidden transactions too.
: Built for the enterprises which want to utilize and connect multiple blockchains both public and private. Another coin, Ontology Gas (ONG) is used to complement this system
: A stablecoin with a value of $1. Each USDC is backed by one US dollar, which is held in a bank account, its website claims. Funded by Coinbase
: Cryptocurrency with Proof-of-Importance algorithm, multisignature accounts, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system
: A supply chain management coin. Manufacturers assign unique identifiers to products on the platform, so their movements can be tracked.
: Ethereum token used in a decentralized ad exchange system which has its own browser, Brave. User attention to ads are measured and users are paid BAT by the advertisers.
: Introduced as a 'joke currency' on 2013, it gained traction as an Internet tipping system in which social media users send each other DOGEs.
: Autonomous digital currency. Which means, users vote about important updates, and fund new developments. It features Proof-of-work Mining and Proof-of-stake Voting.
: Hard fork of Bitcoin. It uses Equihash algorithm instead of SHA256 so that everyone can mine with their GPUs, instead of expensive ASICs.
: A DApp platform which has a mix of Bitcoin and Ethereum infrastructure
: Augur is a set of smart contracts used to create prediction markets. Betting about anything can be done. REP token holders dispute and determine the outcome of the bet.
: Built by modifying Bitcoin code, used for creation and transfer of tokens representing real world or digital assets.
: Gas-efficient decentralized exchange protocol with off-chain order relay and on-chain settlement to reduce blockchain bloat. Used for trading Ethereum tokens.
: You send your dollars to escrow banks and they send one TrueUSD for one dollar to your Ethereum address. The TrustToken platform,which enables this,can't touch your dollars.
: Wallet and payment network for both fiat and crypto currencies
: Hard fork of Bitcoin with a GPU mining algorithm and more capacity
: Holochain doesn't require global absolute consensus. Instead of a huge blockchain ledger, every participant has their own signed hash chain. There's no mining and things are faster.
: A platform for DApps which can be built with JavaScript. Lisk uses Delegated Proof of Stake method and users choose by voting who will validate the transactions
: A blockchain from Korea with 'Delegated Proof of Contribution' consensus model. It uses sharding and is fast with near instant finality. It aims to connect many blockchains to form a global network
: Instead of blockchain, Nano uses a block-lattice structure. Each account has its own blockchain, resembling the account's transaction/balance history. Adding blocks asynchronously allows fast transactions with no fees.
: Coin of the KuCoin exchange . Holders of KuCoin Shares get 50% of the trading fees collected.
: Theta is a blockchain and token for decentralized video streaming. It encourages users to share their unused memory and bandwidth, serving as video caching and relay nodes for the network.
: Platform for decentralized apps and tokens which uses high speed WavesNG protocol. Tokens are automatically ready to be traded at Waves DEX.
: Warrants, securities, dividends, bonds, intelligence information, forecasting information and other information that exist in the physical world can be registered, exchanged, gambled etc. via Bytom.
: PoW segwit coin with multiple mining algorithms
: Prepaid VISA card for spending your crypto and fiat assets at the usual spending places
: BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network allows content creators to connect and earn from their audience without a middleman. It's owned by Tron and its currency runs on the TRON blockchain
: Decentralized cloud storage platform. On Sia you can rent storage cheaply, get paid to host files, mine Siacon..
: Scalable and secure blockchain with high TPS and privacy protection. It uses the 'Efficient Distributed Sharding' and 'Proof-of-Believability' technologies.
: Digix created two types of Ethereum tokens: DGX is equivalent to 1 gram of gold and DGD is the token used to collect rewards from DGX transactions fees
: First full implementation of the Zerocoin Protocol, which allows users to have complete privacy via Zero-Knowledge cryptographic proofs. Not to be confused with the Zerocash or Zcash Protocols.
: A blockchain which uses Cryptonote technology. Users use one-time addresses derived from their public key, so they're untraceable
: Social blockchain that grows communities and makes immediate revenue streams possible for users by rewarding them for sharing content. SteemIt runs on this.
: Fast blockchain(claimed to be 100000TPS) and decentralized exchange featuring SmartCoins which represent other assets like dollar or gold. It has built-in support for recurring payments and human-readable account names.
: Because it uses sharding, Zilliqa is a fast and scalable blockchain. Its test net reached 2828 transactions per second. Transactions are verified in parallel smaller shards.
: Smart contracts are mainly executed in state channels, out of the blockchain as a scalability solution. Aeternity supports a decentralized oracle system, user-friendly naming and delegated voting for governance.
: SAFE network decentralizes Internet services of today, removing servers and other central points of weakness, enabling security and anonymity. By providing your unused computing resources you get paid in SafeCoin, a coin with no public ledger.
: Privacy coin which targets mobile usage and ease to use. You can mine coins on your mobile phone. It was forked from Monero
: Global supercomputer that is made up of the combined power of user's machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters. Anyone can make money 'renting' out their computing power
: Mobile messaging app and wallet enabling users to interact with Ethereum DApps.